Pazartesi, Haziran 20, 2005

Drinking Hennessy with Morrissey


Bu haftaki programin belkemigini geçen blogumda belirttigim Merge Records'dan çıkan gruplar oluşturacak. Bunlar; The Rosebuds, Spoon, Teenage Fanclub ve Arcade Fire.

Bunun dışında bu haftanın en çok öne çıkan grubu Art Brut. Bloc Party ve Libertines ile aynı sahneden çıkan grubun şarkıları çok güzel. Bir nevi Franz Ferdinand müziğinin üzerine Mike Skiner vokal yapıyormuş gibi. Sözler ise çok komik, birkaç örnek vermek gerekirse;

Formed a Band
Formed a band, we formed a band, look at us, we formed a band x 4
Honeypie, I don?t know when it started, stop buying your albums from the supermarket.
They only sell records that have charted, and Art Brut, we?ve only just started.

My Little Brother
My little Brother just discovered Rock & Roll x 3
There?s a noise in his head and he?s out of control.
He no longer listens to A-sides, he made me a tape of Bootlegs and B-sides.
And every song, every single song on that tape said exactly the same thing.
Why don?t our parents worry about us? Why don?t our parents worry about us?

Emily Kane
I was your boyfriend when we were 15, it?s the happiest that I?ve ever been.
Even though we didn?t understand how to do much more than just hold hands.
There?s so much about you I miss, the clumsy way we used to kiss.
All my friends think I?m insane, I?m still in love with Emily Kane.
There?s a beast in my soul that can?t be tamed, I?m still in love with Emily Kane.

Good Weekend
First time I saw her, I wanted more than just to hold her.
So, we went to the cinema, we came home from the cinema
We went through the front door, up the stairs, through the bedroom door, onto the bedroom floor
I?ve seen her naked twice, I?ve seen her naked twice!

Moving To LA
There?s not much glam about the English weather, nothing left keeping us together
Sunshine on a rainy day, makes me, wanna move away, think I?ve got it sorted, gonna get myself deported.
My problems are never gonna find me, I?m not sending one letter or even a postcard back
I?m drinking Hennessey with Morrissey, on a beach, out of reach, somewhere very far away

Bad Weekend
Haven?t read the NME in so long, don?t know what genre we belong x 2
Popular culture, no longer applies to me x 4

Bu haftanın playlisti aşağıdaki gibi olacak.

Sanatçı Şarkı
The Arcade Fire Crown of Love
The Rosebuds Unwind
The Raveonettes Here comes Mary
Teenage Fanclub Slow Fade Picture
Spoon Sister Jack
Art Brut Emily Kane
Sleater-Kenney Entertain
Pulp Do you remember the first time
James Just Like Fred Astaire
Stephen Malkmus No more shoes
The Cure Apart



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